Committees and Speakers

Book of Abstracts

Please click here to download the book of abstracts.  (v4, 25/01/2022)

Keynote speakers

  • Kaisa Koskinen (Tampere University)

photo Kaisa Koskinen

  • Jemina Napier (Heriot-Watt University)

photo Jemina Napier

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Scientific Committee

  • Helle Vrønning Dam, Aarhus University
  • Maija Hirvonen, Tampere University
  • Waltraud Kolb, University of Vienna
  • Jelena Milošević, University of Vienna
  • Sharon O’Brien, Dublin City University
  • Maeve Olohan, University of Manchester
  • Sonja Pöllabauer, University of Vienna
  • Hanna Risku, University of Vienna
  • Regina Rogl, University of Vienna
  • Daniela Schlager, University of Vienna

Organising Committee

  • Julia Just
  • Jelena Milošević
  • Hanna Risku
  • Regina Rogl
  • Daniela Schlager